KittySoft Studios presents its flagship puzzle game releasing 9/27/17...

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Amazing Time Travel Mechanic
A Story of Loss & Discovery
Solo Developer
Experience the uncompromised product of a three year labor of love. A single developer taught himself to code so he could bring his vision to life.  Built by a gamer for gamers everywhere.
By shifiting through time, you get a one player co-op experience that is mind-bending and one of a kind! If you liked Swapper, Talos Principle, or Braid, you will freak out over MT4D!
Marty is a new kind of hero, and you'll join him as he journeys to find meaning while grappling with death, life, overbearing supervisors, robots of unusual size, and everything in between.
50 Unique Levels
Got Powerups?
Original Soundtrack
This puzzle platformer brags 50 levels of unique challenges and an immersive storyline that drives addictive gameplay. No filler, just a HUGE game for a small price!
From rockets to fireballs, icebolts to shields, Marty has a tool for any situation.  The question is, do you have what it takes?  Prove it on the leaderboards!
An all original score by a team of talented musicians, coupled with professional voice acting will immerse you in Marty's world.
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